Christina, Patrick & Victor

We are best friends, love each other deeply, and are greatly looking forward to growing our family through adoption again.

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Our Everyday Life

These guys are always up to something!

About Patrick (by Christina)

Patrick is a “crowd pleaser”! Wherever we go, he strikes up conversations and makes friends instantly. He is all about fun and spontaneity, and frequently turns a mundane grocery store run into a Daddy Day adventure with Vick. All the kids love “Crazy Uncle Patrick”, and at any gathering you can find him chasing, being chased or kids hanging from his limbs!

Patrick works in golf course construction, renovation and design – he jokingly says that all he does is draw and color!

We are so excited to make Vick a big brother!

About Christina (by Patrick)

Christina is warm, charming, and people have a way of
gravitating to her.
Compassionate towards others, she believes that people (herself included), are capable of nearly anything. She strikes that balance of serious and fun as a mom, ensuring our children can chase their dreams and take on anything that life throws their way!

Christina leads employee training & development at a large organization, helping people discover opportunities for improvement and advancement within the company.

This is us…

  • Met at Ohio State University – in bugs class (Entomology)!
  • Lived in Arizona for 16 years, loved life in the desert, but moved to NC a few years ago and are loving our new home!
  • Married 18 years – We strive to live by our so-called “house rules” of “Give your time. Do your part, then some. Say Thank You.”
  • Adopted Victor in 2022 – “Vick” or “Vicky”, as we most often call him, has changed our lives in the most amazing way.